by Nikayla Jefferson

a person in a yellow knit hat, facing right, smiling and clapping, amid a crowd of people
a person in a yellow knit hat, facing right, smiling and clapping, amid a crowd of people
photo by Ken Schles

We’re facing the scenario we planned for: an inevitable Biden win after local election officials count and tally every vote. As of 5PM EST today, Joe Biden holds a clear and very likely path to victory. It will be close — but we will make it to 270.

But it also looks like we can expect some shady scheming from Trump and company attempting to hold onto power. It’s calm right now, but we see clouds darkening on the horizon. …


This is our moment. In these last few days leading up to the election, we are pulling out all the stops to ensure young people’s voices are heard. That is why Sunrise Movement has launched Victory Fest. Victory Fest 2020 is a six day voter contact extravaganza, where we’ll hold events everyday to reach young voters in swing states and fight to elect Green New Deal champions to Congress.

Day by Day Recruitment

Last updated: 10/28/2020

We will report out our Victory Fest recruitment numbers every day leading up to the election.

Last updated on 11/3


Since the summer, Sunrise has been deploying money, volunteers, and resources to have a major impact on youth turnout in the 2020 General Election. Our movement — which is made up of over 100 staff members and tens of thousands of young people across the country — has remained committed to defeating Trump and bringing in the decade of the Green New Deal.

The Independent Expenditure organizing arm of Sunrise Movement focused on swing states in the Presidential race where youth are poised to make the biggest impact, with a top-tier focus on Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin and…

Contact: Zina Precht-Rodriguez,

Washington, DC — At early dawn this morning, hundreds of Sunrise organizers in North Carolina and Washington, DC descended upon the homes of Senators Tom Tillis (NC) and Lindsay Graham (SC), demanding that they delay their vote on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee until a new president is sworn in. The actions kick off an over-the-weekend shift in Sunrise’s strategy to double down on targeting Senate Republicans in key swing states and mobilize enough young voters to flip the Senate and White House blue in 2021.

Lindsay Graham, not known to be an early…

photo by Caleb Nauman

Four months ago, when Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign for President, it felt like the world came crashing down on us. Since then, we’ve faced a global pandemic and marched in the streets to scream Black Lives Matter. The times feel revolutionary.

That’s why right now, after we came SO CLOSE in the primary, the idea of voting for a President, Senator, or Congressperson without the political record and moral integrity to fiercely take on this moment feels… demoralizing, to say the least.

Our vision of the future is ambitious and abolitionist. Our calls to defund the police, our demands…

You may have heard some rumblings about a Sunrise book being in the works. Well, after close to a year and a half of hard work by me, Guido Girgenti, and numerous Sunrise staff and volunteers, thought leaders, and movement elders — it’s happening.

On August 25th, WINNING THE GREEN NEW DEAL finally drops, filled with wisdom from minds like Naomi Klein, Rhiana Gunn-Wright, Bill McKibben, Rev William Barber II, and more. You can pre-order your copy today to get ready for the big launch next week. Click here to learn more about the book and where you can pre-order.

photo by: Michael Clevenger/Courier Journal

In the early dawn light of Juneteenth, a group of brave people stood outside Mitch McConnell’s house in Kentucky to make some noise. Tension was high. It’s not a joke to show up on the doorstep of a major politician like Mitch McConnell — not when cops are disappearing people off the streets in places like Portland when they don’t like what they see. Cop cars circled around the group. They were nervous.

They sang. They shouted. They held up signs and stood stoic. And the energy grew. Cars honked in support as they passed. Mitch’s own neighbor walked outside…

Right now, the eyes of the country are on my home in Kentucky. In a few days, we will know if Charles Booker, a progressive Black man from one of the poorest districts in the state, will have beat out millions of dollars in establishment money to take on Mitch McConnell in the general election.

Last fall, with almost no money and no backing, Charles announced his run to take on Mitch. The event was humble, held in a rundown old building that used to be an old shoe store in Charles’s neighborhood. In the back room, before it started…

Sunrise Kentucky outside Mitch McConnell’s house on Juneteenth

In the last three weeks, millions of people have risen up to demand our nation live up to our values and see the humanity of Black people in this country. Sunrise has made supporting these uprisings a top priority. As we’ve done that, I’ve been asked why this is something we are focusing so much energy and attention on while climate change still threatens our way of life.

Like so many millions of people around the country, I’ve felt a deep, personal calling to take action in this moment.

The last two weeks have made crystal clear the need for leaders that will fight for a world where Black Lives Matter. That’s why we’ve been throwing down so hard for candidates like Jamaal Bowman for NY-16, Charles Booker for Kentucky Senate, and Andrew Romanoff for Colorado Senate.

We’re building a grassroots movement to turn these underdogs into members of Congress and we’ve set some big goals. Here are our plans and where we’re at right now (as of June 10th

When you join a phonebank we will give you everything you need, from a quick training on how to…

Sunrise Movement

Sunrise is a movement of young people uniting to stop the climate crisis.

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